Art Contest “Create to Protect”

On the occasion of the International Symposium on Moon Farside Protection, an Art Contest “Create to Protect” is announced for the creation of artworks inspired by this theme.

The Symposium has a specific focus on the protection of the Moon farside, both from the perspective of electromagnetic radiation to avoid using frequencies that are useful for scientific purposes and from the perspective of territory to establish a kind of protected oasis for scientific activities only. This aims to prevent future commercial, industrial, military, etc., actions from compromising even that portion of pristine and precious space.

This is the heart of the Symposium, and the goal of the contest is for participants to express it in their artworks.

Participation Guidelines

Below are the instructions for participating in the contest:

  • Participation in the contest is free
  • The contest is open to anyone, without age or geographical limits
  • Each candidate can submit only one proposal
  • It is possible to create the artworks by hand or with digital technique or with a mixed technique, in any style and genre (including the comic genre). In the case of hand-drawing, you can freely use any technique for realization, such as ecoline, acrylics, colored pencils, etc. In the case of digital technique, it is also possible to use AI
  • Artworks can contain both images and text
  • Nudity or violent acts are not allowed, and failure to comply will result in exclusion from the contest
  • Artworks must include the following image with dimensions of approximately 10×10 cm, which can be placed anywhere in the artwork (e.g., in a corner): image
  • Artworks must be sent exclusively in digital format, in PDF or JPG at the original 300 dpi without scaling, and must have a size of 70×100 cm
  • Artworks must be submitted directly via email or through a download link (e.g., WeTransfer) or cloud sharing
  • All digital artworks received will be published on this page and on the symposium’s social media pages
  • To submit your artwork, you must also send the following registration form in PDF format, filled out and signed: form
  • Proposals along with registration forms must be sent by March 3, 2024, to

Finalists, Winner, and Awards

The Scientific Committee of the Symposium will select up to 10 preferred proposals from all the received artworks, and these will be printed, by the organization.

The selected artworks will be exhibited in the symposium hall for the 2 days of the event, and all participants will vote for the one considered the best.

The winner will be publicly announced at the end of the symposium and will receive a commemorative plaque.

Finalists whose artworks are selected and printed can choose to be present in person at the symposium during the final announcement of the winner or connect remotely via video conference.

The winner’s artwork will be highlighted on this page and will be promoted on social media with dedicated posts.

If the winner is present at the symposium, the plaque will be presented simultaneously with the announcement; if the winner cannot be present, the plaque will be sent later.

Consent and final notes

The decisions of the Scientific Committee are final and indisputable.

The organizers reserve the right not to select any finalists from the candidates.

The received digital material will not be returned under any circumstances, and the printed artworks will not be delivered to the finalists as they will be retained by the contest organizers.

Each participant, without any compensation, grants the contest organizers full rights of reproduction, exhibition, publication, and communication to the public, by any means and without any exclusions, of their artworks used to participate in the contest. In full respect of moral right, the organizers will exercise these rights for all communication activities related to the contest and the associated symposium, including future editions.

Information Inquiry

In case of inquiries, please write to the Local Organizing Committee at

Note on in-person participation in the symposium

Participants in the contest who wish to attend the symposium must complete a normal registration on this site.